Donyi Shuttering Ply is a strong, long lasting product. This product is widely used for the construction of buildings, bridges, dams etc. It is strong enough to withstand the load of concreate and vibration created while pouring the concreate. Shuttering plywood is made from veneers of selected hardwood to give the product high strength & stiffness to withstand abrasion.

The selected veneers are then bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde resin under controlled temparature and pressure to obtain a BWP bond whihc is highly resistant to cold and boiling water and rapid changes in weather conditions. Permanent preservative treatement makes the plywood resistant to attack form fungi, termites and other borers and marine organisms.


Donyi Film Face Shuttering Plywood is widely used in the construction of dams, bridges, over head tanks, high rise buildings, malls etc. In fact, it is used everywhere where perfection is required.